All Size Pallets – GMA pallets, new and reconditioned in Detroit, MI


One of the common sizes that we work with in the Michigan pallet industry is a 48” x 40”, or a GMA pallet. Here you see a good example of that. Typically, you have a GMA number 1 and number 2, or an A or B. Basically that refers to if it has been repaired. If it is a number one pallet it hasn’t been repaired at all, the runners are basically really nice and uniform, and there is only 1 runner. Here we have a GMA number 2 pallet and you can see that this runner has been shored up (reinforced) with an additional runner or piece of wood to make it structurally sound.

New GMA Wood Pallets

GMA pallets refer to 48” x 40” pallets that are manufactured to specifications set forth by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. There are several key factors that go into manufacturing these pallets:

  • Stringer dimensions
  • Stringers with notches making a 4-way pallet.
  • Deck boards that are 5/8” thick.
  • Typical construction with 7 top and 5 bottom boards with wider end boards.
  • Alternate construction with 6 top and 4 bottom boards of equal dimensions.

Repaired GMA pallets

Reconditioned pallets go through a process of sorting and repairing. This includes repairing broken or splintered deck boards and stringers. This repair work results in structurally sound pallets that are very safe for use. The pallets coming out of this process are divided into grades depending on their condition.

GMA Grade #1 or Grade A Reconditioned Pallets

This refers to a used GMA pallet that has original wood with no reinforcement pieces. The most premium of the GMA Grade #1 pallets are considered “food grade” pallets that are reserved for delivery to food and grocery inventory. The food grade pallets may be nearly indistinguishable from new GMA wood pallets. You might have also heard these referred to as “Sam’s Grade Pallets”.

Pallets with discoloration or minor defects in the wood are also sold as #1 grade but typically for less than the premium. They may or may not contain new stringers or recycled deck boards. These pallets are just as sound as the premium reconditioned GMA pallets but are better suited for non-food related shipping like industrial manufacturing.

GMA Grade #2 or Grade B Pallets

These pallets have sustained damage to one or more of the stringers which have been patched with additional wood to make them structurally sound. All Size Pallets reinforces pallet stringers with full length stringers or with blocks that span an entire notch. Many of our competitors will attempt to repair stringers with blocks as little as 6” long, which makes for a very poor repair. As with Grade #1, this grade has various levels and price points. Premium grade #2 GMA pallets will typically only contain 1 patch, while the lesser grades may have patches on all three stringers.

Whether you are looking for new or reconditioned GMA pallets or custom wood pallets in Michigan. You can be sure that we have you covered.


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