All Size Pallets builds Custom Wood Pallets and Crates in Imlay City Michigan

All Size Pallets, LLC helps manufacturing companies design and develop custom wood pallets and crates for any need.
We work side by side with our owners to determine the best pallet design for your needs.

Each client receives a full examination of their needs for pallet loads and dimensions to give the best possible recommendation for pallet supply and maintenance.


Speaking of our custom work here at All Size Pallets, LLC in Imlay City, MI – here we have an example of some custom and specific pallets that were ordered by one of our customers. You can see that we use a lot sturdier material. For instance, they requested a full top so we used a plywood on top of a full top of deck boards. We can even use 4” x 4” or 6” x 6” for the stringer boards. So, the idea is to make sure the customer gets what they want and they get a pallet that will perform exactly the way the need it to perform.

What kind of shipping would occur on top of these beefed-up pallets?

A pallet like this could ship anything that you can imagine, but I happen to know that this customer will be using these custom pallets for plastic injection machines that can weigh up to thousands of pounds. These pallets will be used in house by that customer.

Again, this is just looking at the types of pallets that we can create and shows we can build any pallet to fit your needs and to fit any dimension that you request.
Right here we have a very custom pallet that a customer asked us to build. They sent us very specific dimensions. With all our equipment and our trained staff, we were able make this pallet exactly to their request. This is a hardwood pallet – a trained eye can tell the wood is darker. The big key with using a hardwood material is that it is more structurally sound and can support more weight. This pallet is going to be supporting a lot of weight. We have added in an extra runner for more support and made the boards thicker on the top and bottom. These are just engineering improvements we did to this pallet so that is can support a substantial load when compared to a less built-up or softwood pallet.

All Size Pallets, LLC
4005 N Van Dyke Rd
Imlay City, MI 48444
(810) 721-1999


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