7 reasons why wood is the best choice for automotive industry pallets

Wood pallets are the most common pallet type used in North America by big margins. Plastic and metal pallets are other alternatives and do offer some advantages for certain needs. For the Michigan automotive industry however, we think pallets made from wood are the best choice.

Here’s why:

1. Wood pallets can save as much as 30% over the alternatives

plastic palletPlastic pallets run as much as 3 times the cost of a new wood pallet and metal pallets are even higher than that. Automotive parts manufacturers can save even more by going with used wood pallets that have been repaired.

2. Pallets made from hardwood can support more weight

There are a lot of heavy parts being shipped in the auto industry. Wood pallets often support as much as a top of the line metal pallet and at least twice what most plastic pallets are rated for (about 1500 pounds).

Unlike molded plastic and metal pallets, wood pallets can be customized to hold even more weight.

More on this later…

3. Product safety is highest with wood pallets

Plastic and metal pallets are considered good for shipping food due to their non-porous surfaces. This characteristic is what makes them a bad choice for shipping almost everything else – they are slippery. Rough cut wood used in pallets has much higher friction so there are far less occurrences of loaded pallets slipping off forklifts, or expensive auto parts slipping off pallets.

4. Only wood pallets offer customization options

custom wood pallet for automotive partsThe automotive industry in Michigan uses a standard size pallet which is 48” x 45”, but with the wide variety of parts being shipped, there is constant need for customized pallets. Wood pallets are the only option of the three that can be easily customized to fit a specific need. Wood is cut to any size to meet custom needs and can be reinforced to support the most demanding loads.

5. Our environment is on the side of wood pallets

Of the three options, wood is the only material that is a renewable resource. Plastic is made from oil and needs to be melted down to be recycled. Metal requires a lot of energy to produce and recycle. Wood pallets can be easily repaired or recycled if broken. Plastic pallets, in contrast, are completely unusable when broken and must be entirely recycled.

What does that mean to the automotive businesses?

6. Used and broken wood pallets can be sold and repaired

Businesses sell used wood pallets to pallet companies so they can be repaired or recycled. The repaired pallets can then be purchased for much less than new although the functionality is typically just as good. Compare this to plastic pallets, which automotive companies may have to pay to have recycled, and then replaced with expensive new pallets. Metal pallets most likely must go to the original manufacturer for repair, if it can be done.

Just one more…

7. Wood pallet companies are there to help

Wood pallets are often produced locally or regionally. When you work with a wood pallet company like All Size Pallets, LLC in Imlay City, Michigan, you are working with a family-owned and operated business that cares about its employees and customers. You don’t get that from a big plastic or metal pallet facility on the other side of the world.

So, we have just given you 7 reasons that wood pallets are the best choice for the auto industry. If you want to know more about the benefits of wood pallets, or you are ready to get custom pricing contact our friendly staff today.


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