New Heat Treatment Kiln Set to Triple Pallet Output

IMLAY CITY, Michigan – December 8th, 2016

With the installation of the company’s second heat treatment kiln, All Size Pallets continues to live up to its goals of providing large-scale pallet services with small-business customer focus. The Kiln-Direct wide pallet kiln can treat 800 GMA pallets at a time and allows treated pallets to meet ISPM 15 requirements for both heat treatment and kiln dried certifications.

To attain ISPM 15 certification, pallets must have been treated in a way to thoroughly remove any disease or insects within the wood. “Only pallets with this certification are allowed to be shipped internationally,” explained All Size Pallets owner Mike Kaminski. To meet heat treatment qualifications, pallets must have been heated to 132.8°F internally. Kiln drying also removes excess moisture in order to reduce weight and prevent wood warping.

The kiln doesn’t just help All Size Pallets keep its commitment to high quality. It will also help increase the company’s pallet output, raising the efficiency with which large and emergency orders are filled. “The new heat treat kiln will allow us to triple our output of ISPM certified heat-treated pallets,” said Kaminski.

All Size Pallets looks forward to using these new facilities to continue its history of great service in the New Year.

For more information on our heat-treatment services visit


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