Special Pricing on 39” x 45” Wood Pallets for Sale

39" x 45" wood pallet for sale

Does your company need to buy sturdy, environmentally conscious wood pallets for local or international shipping? All Size Pallets is currently offering special pricing on our 39” x 45” wood pallets. Perfect pallets for use in the Detroit auto industry and other manufacturing, these feature 7 top boards and 4-way entry for easy maneuverability. These pallets are also completely clean of particulate matter.

  • 39″ (length) by 45″ (wide). (980mm X 1140mm).
  • 4-way entry.
  • 7 top boards.
  • Heat-treated and non-heat-treated available.
  • Like-new & clean of particulate matter

Whether you are shipping within the United States or internationally, All Size Pallets, LLC in Michigan can help. As well as non heat-treated pallets, we also carry 39” x 45” shipping pallets with ISPM-15 heat-treatment certification. These heat-treated pallets are required for international shipping, and help to protect the environment against invasive insects.

All of our like-new 39” x 45” wood shipping pallets have gone through our rigorous reconditioning process. Our wood pallet reconditioning process helps us provide customers with standard industry sizes at a competitive cost. As a zero-landfill company, we take pride in the pallet recycling services we are able to provide, saving both the environment and our customers’ wallets!

For more information about the pallets or our reconditioning process, contact our Imlay City pallet facility.


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