How Wood Pallet Recycling Saves Businesses Money

How much of your company’s annual budget goes to buying wood shipping pallets? Do you ever wish you could get some of that money back? When you throw away used pallets, not only are you adding to over-full landfills, you’re also missing an opportunity to make back part of the pallets’ original cost.

All Size Pallets is proud of its zero-landfill stance. We’ve worked with companies all over the Detroit Metro Area and Michigan to develop a Pallet Management Program that helps companies lower the net cost of their wood shipping pallets and keeps those pallets from rotting in landfills. While the environmental impact of our program is evident, each step of recycling pallets also contributes to financial savings for our customers. Let’s show you how!

Step 1: Used Pallet Pick-Up & Buy-Back

When one of our Pallet Management Program customers has old and broken pallets, they don’t need to handle their disposal alone. All Size Pallets can pick them up. Whether clients are in need of regular pallet recycling or only need pick-up services on request, we can take care of used pallet removal, as well as the removal of other recyclables like industrial plastic and both loose and baled cardboard. Best of all, we’ll pick up non-standard size pallets for free and can offer you a rebate on your industry standard sized pallets. At this step, our customers save on disposal fees and make back a portion of their pallet purchase costs.

Step 2: Wood Pallet Repair & Reconditioning

Once the used pallets arrive at our facility, we carefully sort them and select the best quality ones for pallet repair and reconditioning. Our reconditioned pallets are re-nailed, re-built where needed, and restored to their previous level of quality. These like-new pallets are repaired to meet industry standards, including meeting GMA and ISPM-15 guidelines. Reconditioned pallets keep our inventory well-stocked and save on pallet manufacturing costs, meaning we can keep prices low and always have the shipping pallets you need.

Step 3: Mulching Recycled Pallets

Nature's Choice Wood Landscape Mulch

Even the unusable, unfixable, and downright broken pallets have a place in our process! When a pallet is deemed too worn for reconditioning, we sell it to our sister company, Nature’s Choice. Nature’s Choice mulch uses ecologically friendly practices to recycle wood pallets into life-giving mulch. This keeps used wood pallets out of landfills and helps recuperate pallet pick-up and repair costs, letting us continue to provide our products and services inexpensively.

Step 4: Selling Reconditioned Pallets

After they have been reconditioned, the like-new pallets are ready to be used again! A once-worn shipping pallet has been returned to professional quality. Best of all, we are able to offer the pallets that have gone through our wood pallet repair process at a lower cost than new, custom pallets— letting our customers purchase both high-quality industry standard and non-standard sized pallets at a lower expense.

Interested in seeing how participation in the Pallet Management Program can lower your net pallet expenses? Give All Size Pallets a call. We’re happy to work directly with your company to reuse your pallets, recycle materials, and reduce your material cost.


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