Detroit Industrial Plastic Recycling Saves Money

Most businesses are familiar with the phrase “time is money,” but have you ever thought about what money your business could be losing when it comes to wasting space? Specifically, the space taken up by plastic scrap. Many Michigan companies end up renting expensive roll-off dumpsters to dispose of their commercial plastic dunnage; dumpsters that cost money to rent, cost money to empty, and end up putting tons of post industrial plastic refuse into landfills unnecessarily. All Size Pallet’s industrial plastic recycling pickup program saves Detroit companies money with a full-service, eco-friendly way to get rid of their plastics.

Our pick-up program starts simply: we set up one 53-foot trailer into which you can throw all your recyclable materials. Discarded post industrial plastics, used wood pallets, loose cardboard– we can take it all. Then we come and replace the old trailer with a new, empty one.

Once the trailer arrives at our factory, we begin plastic scrap processing. The plastic dunnage is sorted by type and stripped of impurities like nails, cardboard, and foam. Often we will see plastic totes, pallets, and dunnage from the Michigan auto industry, pharmaceutical plastics, manufacturing, and plastic injection companies and have processed plastics of all types. This includes HDPE plastics, LDPE plastics, PP plastics, and PS plastics. We also bale and recycle plastic films.

Types of industrial plastic we recycle

The benefits of joining our recycling pickup program are even more far-reaching than your company’s wallet. What starts as simply saving you the time, money, and space associated with traditional plastic disposal leads to creating more room and opportunity for your company to store much-needed materials, or even increase production. Beyond that, you have the reassurance and security of knowing that, by participating in post industrial recycling, your company is reducing its ecological footprint and helping to keep southeast Michigan clean and beautiful.

One ton of industrial plastic recycling saves enough plastic to save up to 16 barrels of oil, or 5,700 kilowatt-hours of electricity. That’s about the equivalent of a $1,000 electricity bill for a Detroit household! We are proud of our zero-landfill policy at All Size Pallets, and happy to help other Michigan companies reach for greener ecological practices.

To learn more about our industrial plastic recycling, contact All Size Pallets. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


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