Gaylord Boxes: A Greener Bulk Storage Option for Southeast Michigan Companies

Did you know that packaging makes up about ⅓ of an average landfill? That’s one reason why All Size Pallets recommends that its clients in Southeast Michigan consider using Gaylord boxes for their packaging and storage needs. Gaylord boxes, also known as bulk bins or pallet boxes, are octagonal cardboard storage bins used in many industries such as the auto industry, plastic injection molding, and even the pharmaceutical industry. Their sturdy build, large holding capacity, and easy ability to stack or ship make them perfect for industrial storage.

In fact, they hold more advantages than many companies can realize. Unlike plastic or metal storage boxes, these cardboard octagon bulk bins can be easily repaired and reused thanks to their sturdy corrugated design. Pallet boxes can be triple-wall corrugated or even quadruple-walled to reinforce their structural integrity. Because of this, they can stack easily for storage, even while holding 1,000 pounds of materials! The additional bonus of Gaylord boxes? At the end of their long lifespan, they can be easily recycled, giving your company a greener footprint.

used gaylord boxes for sale

At All Size Pallets, not only do we offer Gaylord boxes for sale, we help our Detroit and southeast Michigan clients repair and recycle them. Our recyclables pickup program buys back used Gaylord boxes, putting money back in your pocket. We also buy back loose and baled cardboard. With these supplies, we go to work reconditioning used pallet boxes to like-new standards. These like-new bulk bins meet all the construction requirements of their brand new counterparts, but can be bought for a fraction of the cost– just another way we’re saving our customers money.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, effective, and environmentally conscious storage method for your company, reconditioned bulk bins are a smart way to go. All Size Pallets is happy to not only provide both new and like-new Gaylord boxes for sale to Michigan companies, but also to offer our clients a way to reduce both their landfill-bound waste and their overall cost by buying back Gaylord boxes as part of our pickup recycling program.

used gaylord box for sale

Interested in learning more about our pickup program and how your company can earn back money on used pallets, plastic, and cardboard? Want to order Gaylord boxes or find out more about our reconditioned pallet boxes? Feel free to contact All Size Pallets. We’d be happy to answer your question and fill your company’s storage and packaging needs.


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