What to Consider When Buying Used Wood Pallets in Michigan

Used wood pallets can be a great resource for both businesses and crafters. Companies in need of wood shipping pallets, like Detroit auto manufacturing companies or those in pharmaceuticals, can save money on their shipping costs by buying their pallets used instead of new. Fans of DIY and home decorating have also come to realize the high number of craft projects that can be made from reclaimed pallet wood.

But not all used shipping pallets are created equal. When trying to find used wood pallets, either for shipping or for craft use, consider these questions— otherwise you might find your pallets completely unusable.

Is my used wood pallet safe to handle?

Not all makes of pallets are safe for use in DIY or craft projects. Many wood shipping pallets are treated with paint or chemicals that can be harmful if released by sanding, cutting, and other treatment. Shipping pallets are also used for, well, shipping, so reclaimed pallets may have traces of the products they’ve shipped or may have been exposed to the elements in a way that promotes mold. That’s why you should always inspect reclaimed pallets to make sure they are free of loose nails, rotten wood, or suspicious stains.

repaired used wood pallet

Luckily, All Size Pallets already does a lot of the inspection and repair for you as part of our reconditioning program. We can also help you find pallets that have been heat-treated instead of treated with methyl bromide. Methyl bromide is a pesticide that, though once deemed safe enough to meet ISPM-15 certification standards, is now known to make humans sick. By looking for the “HT” symbol in the IPPC stamp on your pallet, we can make sure your pallet has been treated safely.

Are my wood pallets being shipped internationally?

Wood pallets used in international shipping are held to a higher standard of quality to prevent the spread of infestation and disease. If you need wood pallets shipped internationally, you need pallets that are ISPM-15 certified. Luckily, the way to tell if a pallet has met international shipping standards is simple— just look for the IPPC stamp.

All internationally-ready wooden shipping pallets, used pallets or new pallets, will have an IPPC logo. Depending on the pallet’s country of origin, the pallets may also have an EPAL logo, which means the pallet’s wood has been debarked and heat-treated. All Size Pallets offers bulk pallet sales both of used wood pallets and of new pallets that have been heat-treated in our state-of-the-art kiln.

Whether you are looking to find used wood pallets for a DIY project or for shipping use, All Size Pallets can help. We carry reconditioned wood pallets in standard industry sizes, as well as some non-standard sizes! For more information about bulk pallet sales, contact us.


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