Where to Sell Used Wood Pallets in Michigan

For auto industry companies, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturing companies in southeast Michigan, getting rid of used wooden shipping pallets can be a thankless and daunting task. When companies end up with broken pallets, scrap pallets, or pallets that are just no longer useable, not only do they need to replace them, they need to get rid of the trash! But there’s a better solution – selling your used wood pallets to All Size Pallets.

While it might be odd to think there’s a company in Metro Detroit that will buy used pallets, something most would see as trash, we like to think we see things differently. There are several advantages to selling used pallets instead of simply throwing them away.

Selling your used and broken pallets is a great way to save your company money. We buy wood pallets from Michigan companies and recondition them, fixing boards, replacing nails, and refinishing and retreating wood. Our buy-back system is a great way to make back some of your company’s shipping pallet budget, effectively reducing the net cost of what your pallets cost. It also helps other local Metro Detroit companies – participating in our buy-back program means that both standard industry pallets and, occasionally, hard-to-find custom size pallets can be reconditioned and sold more cheaply to companies that need them.

Whether you are looking to sell used pallets in small quantities or in bulk, All Size Pallets can help. Participating in our pallet buy-back program means that we come to you; just let us know you have used pallets for pick-up, and we’ll come get them ourselves. In fact, if you are a company that often needs to sell used wood pallets and other recyclables, we can enroll you in our regular recyclable pick-up program!

This program is perfect for Michigan companies who produce a lot of broken pallets, cardboard, and industrial plastic waste. Normally, discarding scrap pallets, loose cardboard, and other recyclables requires you to pay not only for trash pick-up but also for the space to store it all (either by renting a dumpster or providing your own receptacle). With our pick-up program, we can provide you with a trailer for recyclable materials then regularly pick it up ourselves and swap the full container for an empty one— getting rid of your used wood pallets and giving you more space and income.

Best of all, when your company sells used pallets back, you’re helping All Size Pallets achieve its zero-landfill company policy. Even scrap pallets that can’t be reconditioned to like-new status have a purpose. Our sister-company, Nature’s Choice mulch, buys these broken pallets and turns them into healthy mulch to help Michigan gardens grow, line paths, and protect Michigan lake shorelines. When you sell used pallets to All Size Pallets, you are helping protect both your company’s budget and Michigan’s natural beauty.

If your Michigan business needs to get rid of pallets, contact us to sell your used pallets to All Size Pallets. We’d be happy to discuss a buy-back. We buy used wood pallets in a wide range of sizes, from a number of industries, and in any condition.


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