Buy Custom Wood Pallets in Metro Detroit

For a lot of businesses, “custom” wood pallets might as well be synonymous with “hard to find,” “low quality,” or “expensive.” After all, most wood shipping pallet companies build their pallets with pre-milled boards, which normally come in set sizes. In order for other companies to build their clients a custom sized wood pallet, they have to cut down larger boards or cobble together the correct dimensions from an already-existing design.

But All Size Pallets isn’t named “All Size” for no reason. Our custom made wood pallets can be of any size and any build. No matter the thickness of the boards, size of the runners, the number of top and bottom boards, or the pallets’ ultimate dimensions, we can create custom new shipping pallets in any size and shape– even for large bulk orders– and we can do so inexpensively.

How can we manage to produce such a large variety of custom wood pallets while keeping our products high-quality and inexpensive? The secret is our commitment to a greener, holistic pallet process. We handle the lifecycle of a custom shipping pallet from the very start to the very finish. That not only means handling mid- to end-of-life processes like pallet reconditioning and eventual mulching; that also means controlling our own supply chain.

wood for new custom size pallets

Where other shipping companies have to work around their pre-purchased supply of pre-cut boards when handling a custom wood pallet order, All Size Pallets does all its own milling on-site at our own facility. We start your custom order by cutting new pallet boards to the correct length, width, and height. From the very first cut, your new shipping pallets are made exactly to your detailed standards. This allows us to really make your custom order perfect; no depending on having pre-bought the correct size supplies!

cutting wood for custom pallet manufacturing

Even better, all our custom wood pallet orders undergo exacting quality control to make sure they meet the high standards of our customers and our company. Not only do we mill our boards on-site, we also employ quality control managers to inspect every pallet in a custom order. We also use de-dusting technology to minimize the amount of particulate matter on our pallets. This makes our custom wood pallets great for pharmaceutical and food shipping– not to mention helps keep your facilities clean!

Need to ship internationally? That’s not a problem for us, either. Our facilities are ISPM-15 certified. With two large state-of-the-art heat-treatment kilns on-site, we can prepare even bulk-orders of custom size pallets. Heat-treatment also avoids the health and environmental risks involved in treating wood pallets with chemicals like methyl bromide. The included kiln-drying also removes moisture from your pallets, reducing the risk of mildew, mold, and warping.

Check out the following videos of All Size Pallets building custom pallets in Michigan:
Owner Mike Kaminski shows off some custom wood pallet examples
Cutting wood to length for a custom pallet order
Notching runners for a custom 4-way pallet
Assembling large custom wood pallets

Want to know more about our custom wood pallet services? Contact us today. We’re happy to handle your order for new wood pallets– even for non-standard pallet sizes or bulk orders.


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