Custom Shipping Crates for Michigan Companies

All Size Pallets customizes more for your business than just pallets. We can also help our southeast Michigan companies who need custom shipping crates and wood packaging created. Especially when your company ships internationally, finding a reliable manufacturer who can build your shipping containers regardless of size or design and meet all requirements for international shipping crates can be hard.

We’ve worked hard to make sure we provide our customers with custom wood packaging solutions that meet every part of the problem head on. Our facility is large enough that we can handle large bulk orders of even unusually-sized or especially large new wood crates. In fact, we can often start your order immediately after we receive your design! Even for wood crates that need to be heat-treated for international shipping, we have two extra-large heat-treatment kilns to treat your international shipping crates quickly and still meet ISPM-15 certification requirements.

Our particular approach to custom orders also allows us to get you your custom crates faster. Where most other companies start construction on custom shipping crates by having to wait for an order of pre-cut boards to arrive, or by playing frankenstein with their already-existing stock, we can start on your job immediately. Our on-site woodcutting facilities let us cut the boards for your custom wood packaging to your exact specifications– no matter the length, width, or thickness needed. Because we don’t have to wait for a delivery, you get your custom shipping crates fast; even on bulk orders!

We also make sure that quick service never means a drop in quality. Each custom order is overseen by quality control managers who make sure that the custom shipping crates we’re supplying meet your design specifications in every way. Our wood heat-treatment kilns not only meet ISPM-15 requirements for international shipping crates and pallets, they also kiln-dry the wood. Drying your crate wood in this manner means that your custom wood crates will warp less, weigh less, and be less susceptible to mildew and mold– making your custom product a better quality shipping crate.

All Size Pallets is happy to serve our Metro Detroit clients in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and auto industries. We know that the quality of what we produce is what you rely on. We also know specific clients, especially those in food and pharmaceutical industries, have special needs and are routinely taking steps to improve our products and supply time. For example, we also make sure that our custom shipping crate orders undergo a de-dusting process to keep the amount of particulate matter down. Less risk of contaminants, both for your products and your workers!

For more information on our custom shipping crate services, custom bulk orders, or any other custom wood packaging services, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.


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