Customized Wood Pallet Solutions for Automotive and Industrial Business in Detroit

It’s common for companies to pay lip service to the idea that “we can handle all of our customer pain points.” Saying so is one thing, proving it day in and day out across clientele is another. The latter is at the core of our business values at All Size Pallets. We’ve proven our ability to deliver quality custom wood pallet solutions to our customers that address their unique needs – year after year, for more than a decade. We’ve helped automotive and industrial companies in Detroit solve their difficult shipping problems as a partner, rather than just another vendor.

During that time, we have worked directly with our clients to provide them with custom wood pallets in a wide variety of sizes, at a price point that works for everyone and on a timeline that exceeds customer expectations. Our experience enables us to solve common (and uncommon – our favorite) automotive and industrial shipping problems quickly, affordably, and in bulk. This is especially helpful when other pallet companies can’t meet requirements for deliverables and timelines, let alone the custom nature of the work required.

To prove we know how to bring custom wood pallets, and custom shipping crates solutions to bear in order to help solve shipping problems quickly and within budget requirements, the following paragraphs contain examples of a few common industrial shipping problems – along with examples of how the folks at All Size Pallets solved these problems for their clients – and how we can solve them for companies just like yours.

Automotive and Industrial Companies Need to Ship a Variety of Differently Sized Freight

Shipping in the automotive and manufacturing industries often involves needing to find high quality pallets that are available in multiple different sizes, and usually in bulk. Shipping differently sized parts & equipment, some of which are extremely heavy while still needing to be packaged delicately, means fitting the pallet construction to the size of the parts that need to be shipped, instead of the other way around. Client Bluebird Turf, a manufacturer and seller of heavy yard work machinery, needed a regular pallet supplier to provide bulk orders of unusually sized custom wood pallets. They also required heavy-duty pallet construction for a large variety of unusually-sized equipment.

Other companies were scared off by the wide variety and large orders of custom pallets involved; All Size Pallet’s wasn’t. Thanks to our on-site materials processing house, we were able to cut boards to the exact specifications needed for their products. We were able to create custom wood pallets for every product. Additionally, with our two state-of-the-art pallet heat treatment facilities, we easily manufacture extra-wide pallets to handle both bulk loads and loads of unusual dimensions, while ensuring all packaging meets ISPM-15 international shipping requirements.

Automotive Companies Need Custom Wood Pallets to Handle Heavy Weight Effectively

Automotive and industrial equipment is heavy stuff. Really heavy. Yet some pallet manufacturers still don’t provide custom pallet options that are capable of bearing large amounts of weight. This was the case for automotive supply company HP Pelzer, who spoke to several other pallet companies that were unable to provide them with a product that could handle their weight-bearing needs. That is, until they contacted All Size Pallets.

We sat down with them, discussed the weight requirements of the product they needed to have shipped, and applied ourselves to finding a solution. With our years of expertise and experience, we were able to suggest the use of high-density oak hardwood as foundational material for the pallet slats (high-density oak, incidentally, is capable of carrying a larger weight capacity than their requirements demanded). Additionally, we used our on-site materials processing house to cut the boards for their custom wood pallet order such that they were thicker than traditional pre-cut boards, which handily increased the amount of weight each customized pallet was able to handle before, during, and after transit.

Detroit Automotive and Industrial Companies Need Affordable Customized Pallets

Oftentimes automotive and industrial companies need to look for custom shipping solutions, and that begins with pallets, more often than not.  All Size Pallets believes even those custom solutions should be affordable ones. In the cases of both Bluebird Turf and HP Pelzer, All Size Pallets was able to provide each client with project quotes that fit comfortably within budget projections. Our quotes are often lower than what other custom wood & plastic pallet companies can offer –this is because we have invested in the tools and facilities necessary to take care of our customers’ custom packaging orders from start to finish. We don’t use middlemen, and we don’t outsource any of our work. We work smartly, minimizing our production costs. We pass those savings on to you, and that is how we’re able to compete so effectively in the market.

Our materials processing house means we don’t need to rely on the cost of pre-cut boards, even boards of unusual sizes– saving our clients the cost of the aforementioned middlemen while reducing the time needed to create and ship custom pallet orders – wood pallets, plastic pallets, or otherwise. Our proprietary de-dusting technology and on-site heat-treatment pallet kilns means we don’t have to pay another company to make sure our automotive and industrial pallets are spotless and ready for international shipping. Even better, our pallet buy-back program encourages customers who have used wood packaging they no longer need to sell it back to us, so they they can easily recoup a portion of their initial cost outlay.

All Size Pallet’s holistic approach to every stage of the custom wood pallet creation process positions us as the highest quality, lowest-cost solution for Michigan automotive and industrial companies when it comes to custom wood pallets, traditional and standard wood pallets, block pallets, and even Gaylord Boxes. To find out more about how we can help your company, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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