Pallet company near Detroit delivers wooden shipping pallets throughout Michigan and beyond.

Detroit businesses are making a comeback in a big way due to hard work and a belief in staying local. We not only subscribe to this belief as customers of local business and employers of local talent, but are also here to support the companies who are pushing for growth. At the root of this effort are our family of staff that strive to provide the best experience for our fellow Michigan owned businesses.

Focusing where other pallet companies don’t – on you

When you contact our pallet company, you will likely speak with one of the owners. Your business means the world to us and we don’t just want to sell you a few pallets, we want to forge a partnership that your company can rely on for expertise and the best wooden shipping pallets available. Our rapid growth over the years is proof of our stewardship towards our customers. We recently improved our facility with triple the capacity of certified ISPM 15 heat treated pallets, to meet the wood pallet demands of Detroit companies. If we don’t stock what you need we don’t try to sell you on something else, we make custom pallets to any specification.

Delivery and Pickup of wood pallets to companies in Michigan and Beyond

We know companies in Michigan value their time and space. Our comprehensive wood pallet delivery and pickup programs are designed to be hassle free while keeping clients’ places of business clear of broken or used wood pallets. Need a place to store used pallets, recyclable cardboard, and industrial plastics for recycling while they accumulate? No problem. We can arrange to leave one of our company trailers and pick it up at your convenience.

Wooden Pallets near Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw

Michigan wood pallet company near me

All Size Pallets is conveniently located to serve the major manufacturing areas in and around Michigan. If your business is looking for a pallet company nearby, get in touch with us. We are happy to meet at your location to discuss your unique needs and arrange delivery to make your pallet purchase a breeze.

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All Size Pallets Stocks Standard Wood Shipping Pallet Sizes for Michigan Businesses

Looking for a standard 48”x40” all-way pallet for your business? All Size Pallets carries a wide selection of standard sized wooden shipping pallets for Michigan companies. We have these standard 48-inch by 40-inch pallets for sale at every stage of the pallet lifecycle, letting your company choose its desired price point.

What is a Standard Size Pallet?

Many industries have their own unique needs for pallet sizing, shape, and quality, which is why we offer custom built pallets. However, in most industries you can also find a standard sized pallet in use. This standard GMA pallet is used in the food industry, the Michigan auto industry, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and more. This pallet is usually 48” by 40” and is a 4-way pallet, meaning a forklift can enter and pick it up from any of its four sides. They usually have 5-7 top boards and three stringers for support.

These standard size pallets can further be broken down into different grades of pallet. The higher the grade of pallet, the newer and in better condition. Standard size pallets can be easily reconditioned after use to a like-new state, meaning they can be reused over and over again. Often, buying a reconditioned pallet that still has a lot of life left in it is a great way to cut down pallet costs– especially when combined with All Size Pallet’s pallet buy-back program!

What are Standard Size GMA Pallet Grades?

The standard pallet grades are a system of classifying reconditioned standard size pallets by making sure they meet certain criteria in terms of their quality. Since standard size pallets are used in many Michigan industries and can have a very long life cycle with proper treatment and care, these grades help to standardize the quality requirements for standard pallets across industry and through its life cycle.

The highest possible pallet grade is a nearly-new Premium Grade A pallet. These pallets barely count as used, and can often retain that “new wood look” that comes with a newly made pallet. These pallets have no repairs and were often only used on the display floor and not for transportation.

A Grade A or #1 GMA pallet is a 48”x40” pallet that has been used a bit more, but is still in really good condition. It might have a few more stains but still has boards that are in tact, not splitting, and has stringers that have not needed a block repair, though a plate support is okay.

reconditioned wood pallets for saleA grade reconditioned wooden pallets for sale

A Grade B or #2 pallet is a standard GMA pallet that has a few more dings and dents. It is still structurally sound, but its stringers may have a block repair and its boards may be chipped or beginning to split. While this grade of standard size pallet doesn’t look pretty, it’s still a sturdy pallet and is often used for international shipping, as long as the wood has been properly heat-treated.

A Grade C or #3 pallet has been repaired multiple times and is reaching the end of its life cycle. It will likely have at least one stinger block or plug repair, and its top and bottom boards might be inconsistent in size, with inconsistent gaps between. They are best used for rough applications that don’t require a lot of load bearing.

GMA Pallets for International Shipping

inside All Size Pallet's wood heat treatment kilnRead about the recent expansion to our certified ISPM 15 heat treated pallet facility

All our standard wood shipping pallets, whether new or reconditioned, can be prepared as international shipping pallets. Our on site heat-treatment facility produces certified ISPM 15 heat treated pallets for companies in Michigan who ship overseas.

All Size Pallets both makes and reconditions standard size 48” x 40” GMA pallets for Michigan companies. If you are looking for a standard size pallet of any grade, new to old, let us help you meet your pallet needs quickly and inexpensively. We also do bulk orders!

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Pallet Management Program Brings Wooden Pallet Delivery and Waste Removal to Michigan

Two of the most common problems Michigan companies in need of shipping pallets face are purchasing and disposing of them inexpensively. Buying bulk wood shipping pallets can be expensive, especially if you require shipping pallets that are a non-standard size. Disposing of your used pallets requires you to pay for storage for the waste, as well as paying to get it hauled to a landfill or recycling unit. Not only does this cost you more money, it’s detrimental to Michigan’s environment, as well.

That’s why All Size Pallets has developed our pallet management program: to help Michigan companies not only save money on the purchase and discarding of their wood pallets, but to help protect our state’s amazing natural resources.

We help you lower the cost of your pallet purchases by providing inexpensive reconditioned pallets in a wide range of sizes and buying back your used pallets. We lower the cost of waste storage and disposal by providing pallet management program members with a storage trailer and regular pickup. We help the Michigan environment by keeping old pallets out of landfills and letting them reach end of life as gardening mulch.

Saving Michigan Companies Money on Pallets

Our pallet management program helps companies save money on pallets via pallet buy back and reconditioning. We pay our customers to buy back their used wood shipping pallets, helping them earn back some of the cost of purchase. We then put those pallets through quality-controlled reconditioning to return the pallets to like-new status. These reconditioned pallets cost less than brand new pallets and can still perform the same tasks.

All Size Pallets wood pallet recyclingSee how wood pallet recycling is saving Michigan businesses money

We offer reconditioned pallets in a wide range of sizes, including standard 48” x 40” GMA pallets for sale in Grade A and Grade B quality. All our pallets are reviewed by a quality management employee to make sure that our pallets meet the highest level of official and customer approval.

Saving Michigan Companies Money on Pallet Disposal

Pallet management program members save themselves money when it comes to disposing of their used wood pallets, cardboard, and industrial plastics. Not only can they earn money from the buyback process, program participation means they do not have to provide their own waste storage– we will provide a 53’ trailer which they can fill with their waste, no sorting necessary. We take care of pick-up, either regularly scheduled or on-call. At the time of pickup, a new 53’ is brought to replace the old, guaranteeing a smooth transition.

sell your used wood pallets MichiganWondering “where to sell used wood pallets near me”?

Reducing Michigan Companies’ Environmental Impact

When we pick up pallet management program members’ waste trailers, we bring them back to our facility for sorting. Plastics and cardboard is properly sorted and sent to the appropriate recycling facilities, while we keep the bought-back pallets. Many of these used wood pallets will be reconditioned and returned to like-new condition so that our customers may purchase quality wood shipping pallets at a more affordable price.

When boards come to us that have reached the end of their life cycle and can no longer be repaired, they still don’t end up in a landfill. Instead, they are sent to our sister-company Nature’s Choice, which cleans and treats the old wood before turning it into mulch. This mulch is useable in gardens, playgrounds, and on nature trails, giving back to Michigan’s natural beauty and serving the community.

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All Size Pallets is proud to offer its pallet management program to clients. We are proud of the ways we can save our clients money, as well as our zero-landfill promise. If you are interested in finding out more about the pallet management program or our reconditioned pallets, contact us today.

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Wood Pallets, Skids, and Crates: What’s the Difference?

All Size Pallets specializes in the manufacturing and reconditioning of wood pallets for Michigan businesses. Although pallets, skids, and crates all have unique features and uses, we often hear the terms used interchangeably. So, what exactly is the difference between a pallet, a skid, and a crate?

All three are, of course, used for the shipping and storing of materials. All three can be made of wood. They can also be made of other materials, like durable industrial plastic or even metal. Yet each of the three have their own strengths, weaknesses, and ideal uses. All Size Pallets works with each of our Michigan client companies to determine if our wood pallets will best meet the needs for their project.

Automotive industry wood palletsWork in the Detroit automotive industry? See why wood is the material of choice for automotive industry shipping pallets

Wood Shipping Crates

A shipping crate is considerably easier to tell apart from a skid and pallet than a shipping pallet and skid are from each other. While the latter two both tend to be flat and mostly used for product transport, a crate is made with four walls as well as a floor in order to be useful for holding supplies, products, or anything else that needs to be securely stored. They are, essentially, wooden boxes. Because they can hold a large volume, wood shipping crates are a necessary part of the storage and shipping process.

Unfortunately, their bulky shape makes them less easy to transport. That’s where wood skids and shipping pallets come in.

Wooden Skids

At first glance, wood skids may look very similar to wood shipping pallets. In fact, the terms “skid” and “pallet” are often used interchangeably when talking about wooden manufacturing platforms! However, there is a difference: a skid, unlike a pallet, only has one wooden deck. Unlike a wood pallet, a skid is only built with one completely flat surface– the top. Instead of resting its weight on a bottom deck, it instead rests its weight on vertical slats or legs.

Because there is less surface area on the bottom of a skid, it makes dragging skids loaded with materials much easier than dragging a similarly sized pallet. Essentially, the lack of a bottom deck allows less friction. If you need to transport a large amount of your company’s materials from one place to another (for example, in a wood shipping crate), placing it on a skid will allow for easy transportation. This becomes even more true if the pallet has a center stringer, allowing for use with a fork lift.

“Nestable pallets,” or skids which are easily stackable for maximum storage, are also, technically, skids; they still don’t have that bottom deck. Normally, wood pallets with their two flat upper and lower decks are preferable for stacking supplies. Nestable pallets represent a more flexible middle ground between the benefits of a skid and those of a pallet.

Buy Wood Pallets in MichiganLooking to buy wood pallets in Michigan? Read this before you do

Wood Shipping Pallets

So then, what are the benefits of a pallet? We’ve already discussed that a wood shipping pallet, unlike a wood skid, will have that second, flat bottom deck. This deck makes stacking pallets for storage very easy, and makes stacking crates of materials on top of each other very sturdy and providing improved cube efficiency. If the same were tried with a normal skid (not a stackable one), the lack of a flat bottom surface would make weight distribution precarious.

The double deck build of a wood pallet also makes it more convenient for racking. The bottom deck allows a pallet to provide resistance against falling while it’s loaded onto a storage rack or a fork lift.

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Questions about what kind of wood shipping container would best suit your needs? Contact All Size Pallets today. We’re happy to answer your questions and work with you to provide the right kind of shipping solution for your needs.

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A Grade Reconditioned GMA Pallets for Sale

Looking for a great deal on 40” x 48” A Grade GMA wood shipping pallets? All Size Pallets has reconditioned pallets for sale that meet the standards for both A Grade or #1 and B Grade or #2 GMA wood pallets. These reconditioned pallets are a great and affordable alternative to buying brand new pallets and can save your company money while still ensuring long-lasting shipping pallet life.

Mike GMA Pallet VideoOwner Mike shows the difference between A and B Grade Reconditioned GMA Pallets

A Grade GMA Pallets

Our A Grade reconditioned shipping pallets have been looked over by quality control managers to make sure the boards meet all GMA grade pallet requirements. Each 40” x 48” four-way pallet has three clean runners in good condition with no breaks or extra blocks, though they may have a support plate to strengthen resistance against splits. Their top decks are made of seven boards with a spacing of between 2.5 to 3.5 inches. The bottom decks are similarly made, with five boards. Each of the standard #1 GMA wood pallets has four-way entry.

Reconditioned Grade A pallets are a great value for their quality because often they remain in like-new condition, despite their previous use. Though they may not have the same “new wood look” as a brand new GMA pallet, they’ve required minimal conditioning. Compared to Grade B or #2 GMA pallets, Grade A pallets represent a great compromise between price and remaining pallet lifespan.

  • 7 top deck boards
  • 5 bottom deck boards
  • Top deck board spacing between 2.5” and 3.5”
  • All three stringers with no plugs
  • Standard 4-way entry
  • Occasional stringer repair plate

repaired used wood palletWhy buy reconditioned GMA pallets?

B Grade GMA Pallets

Grade B pallets typically have a lower number of top and bottom deck boards; they are only required to have 6 top deck and 4 bottom deck boards. Because of this, the gaps between deck planks can reach up to 4 inches. Stringers can also have plugs to help support weakening boards, though they can’t be sold if the repairs make stringers more than two boards thick at any point.

Grade B boards, unlike Grade A boards, might also have wear and tear to boards which leaves the wood pallets with chips or partial splits. However, #2 GMA pallets still have life in them, and can be an affordable option for companies. If your company is looking for particularly inexpensive shipping pallet options, we do also sell reconditioned Grade B GMA wood pallets.

  • 6-7 top deck boards, depending on board width
  • 4-5 bottom deck boards
  • Top deck board spacing ranges from 2.5” to 4”
  • All three stringers
  • May have plug repairs on stringers
  • Standard 4-way entry
  • Stringers no more than 2 boards thick at any point
  • Boards may have chips or be partially split

Contact All Size Pallets

We are proud to offer these reconditioned pallets as part of our pallet management program. All Size Pallets is a zero-landfill company; once our pallets reach the end of their life, they are turned into landscaping mulch. If you have questions about our pallet recycling program or want to learn more about purchasing reconditioned Grade A GMA pallets, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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What Kinds of Wood are Used by Michigan Pallet Suppliers?

Have you ever wondered what kinds of wood All Size Pallets uses to make our custom shipping pallets? The short answer is: it depends on the needs of the job. Some custom pallet projects do just fine with the more common softwoods like Michigan red and white pine. Others, especially custom shipping crates for Detroit auto industry shipping, need to carry heavy loads with sturdier boards like those made from hardwood oak. The type of wood used to build pallets should be carefully chosen to best meet the project’s requirements.

Of course, many variables go into choosing the right wood for the job! Here are a few of the things All Size Pallets considers when making custom wood shipping pallets for our Michigan clients.

Hardwood Pallets vs. Softwood Pallets

We already briefly touched on the choice between hardwood and softwood above, but it’s an important decision for a pallet manufacturer to make. One benefit of softwood pallets is that they tend to be lighter, meaning they are easier for shipping companies to transport. Softwood species like pine are also abundantly grown in Michigan, which means that wood for them is always available and usually inexpensive. Its wood is also easily heat-treated and kiln-dried, removing the risk of infestation as well as reducing the amount of moisture in the wood. Overall, softwood pallets are great for light shipping, keeping costs down, and as international shipping pallets.

Hardwood, on the other hand, is both heavier and sturdier than softwood. Hardwood pallets can hold considerably more weight than softwood ones because they are made of sturdier materials– like ash or, more commonly, oak wood. Hardwood pallets can easily hold 1,000 lbs of weight and the pallets last for a long time, making them perfect candidates for pallet reconditioning and reuse. Lots of hardwood is produced in the United States for furniture manufacturers to use; usually there’s a good supply, but depending on the furniture demand, hardwood price or quality for use in pallets can fluctuate.

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What Woods Can Be Purchased Locally?

All Size Pallets is dedicated to supporting our local Michigan economy and our local Michigan environment! That’s why we buy our wood from local wood producers. Not only does it let us support Michigan companies in every stage of our pallet manufacturing, it also guarantees that we can monitor the quality of our wood and keep the price of our pallets low and competitive. We mainly purchase high-density Michigan oak for our hardwood pallets and Michigan red and white pine for our softwood.

We also keep costs down by cutting our own boards. After purchasing our pallet hardwood or softwood from a Michigan distributor, we bring the uncut wood to our on-site cutting facility. Because we don’t have to depend on an outside company’s supply to determine the dimensions of our boards or the quantity of boards in stock, we can quickly and affordably produce custom sized wood crates and pallets to customer dimensions. This makes providing custom bulk pallet orders, or custom pallet orders for non-standard sizes, easy and reliable.

Have more questions about the way our custom shipping pallets are made? Contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our pallet making process.

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Michigan Made Clean Pallets for Pharmaceutical Shipping

One of the hardest parts about buying wood shipping pallets for the food or pharmaceutical industries is finding a company that can make custom pallets and crates that meet both your needs and your industry’s shipping requirements. Pallets with too much particulate matter, chemically treated pallets, and even pallets that don’t meet ISPM-15 shipping certifications– none of these are safe to use in food or pharmaceutical shipping! And yet this is what many custom wood crate companies can offer.

All Size Pallets is not only dedicated to producing fast, affordable custom wood pallets for Michigan companies, we have invested in our ability to meet the pallet needs of the Michigan pharmaceutical industry and food shipping industry. Along with our two state of the art, expanded-size heat-treatment kilns, which make sure even bulk pallet orders of large or nonstandard size shipping pallets can be heat treated to ISPM-15 international shipping standards, we also use dedusting technology to reduce the amount of wood particulates left on our products.

Our client PTI Engineered Plastics, a Macomb based plastic injection molding company which makes lots of products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is one of many clients who has benefited from All Size Pallet’s dedusting and pallet heat-treatment facilities. Before working with All Size Pallets, they constantly had to spend their own time and manpower cleaning the wood shipping pallets they received from other pallet companies. The large amount of particulate wood and dust left on these pallets made them unusable for medical and pharmaceutical shipping unless they were properly cleaned.

We were able to work with them to identify the problem and come up with a solution that would save them the trouble of prepping their own pallets. By investing in dedusting equipment at our own facility, we were able to make sure their pharmaceutical pallets and crates were clear of dust and particulate wood matter before arriving at PTI– not after, and especially not after PTI had to invest their own work hours! Instead, each board at All Size Pallets is properly dedusted before it’s even put together to form a pallet.

Unlike the other companies they worked with, who promised to invest in dedusting technology but never followed through, All Size Pallets saw an opportunity to solve a problem not only for PTI but for our other Michigan pharmaceutical and food industry clients. Combined with our heat-treatment kiln, which meets international pallet shipping standards without the use of dangerous chemicals like methyl bromide, and our on-site board cutting facility, which allows us to provide custom pallet manufacturing to our clients’ exact specifications, our dedusting technology is just another way we make sure to provide wood pallet solutions from start to finish.

Contact All Size Pallets

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our Michigan pharmaceutical shipping clients and other customers. Whether you need specialty sized shipping pallets, a financially responsible way to reduce your pallet waste, or even bulk orders, we can help. Contact All Size Pallets today to find out how we can address your particular wood pallet purchase needs.

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Customized Wood Pallet Solutions for Automotive and Industrial Business in Detroit

It’s common for companies to pay lip service to the idea that “we can handle all of our customer pain points.” Saying so is one thing, proving it day in and day out across clientele is another. The latter is at the core of our business values at All Size Pallets. We’ve proven our ability to deliver quality custom wood pallet solutions to our customers that address their unique needs – year after year, for more than a decade. We’ve helped automotive and industrial companies in Detroit solve their difficult shipping problems as a partner, rather than just another vendor.

During that time, we have worked directly with our clients to provide them with custom wood pallets in a wide variety of sizes, at a price point that works for everyone and on a timeline that exceeds customer expectations. Our experience enables us to solve common (and uncommon – our favorite) automotive and industrial shipping problems quickly, affordably, and in bulk. This is especially helpful when other pallet companies can’t meet requirements for deliverables and timelines, let alone the custom nature of the work required.

To prove we know how to bring custom wood pallets, and custom shipping crates solutions to bear in order to help solve shipping problems quickly and within budget requirements, the following paragraphs contain examples of a few common industrial shipping problems – along with examples of how the folks at All Size Pallets solved these problems for their clients – and how we can solve them for companies just like yours.

Automotive and Industrial Companies Need to Ship a Variety of Differently Sized Freight

Shipping in the automotive and manufacturing industries often involves needing to find high quality pallets that are available in multiple different sizes, and usually in bulk. Shipping differently sized parts & equipment, some of which are extremely heavy while still needing to be packaged delicately, means fitting the pallet construction to the size of the parts that need to be shipped, instead of the other way around. Client Bluebird Turf, a manufacturer and seller of heavy yard work machinery, needed a regular pallet supplier to provide bulk orders of unusually sized custom wood pallets. They also required heavy-duty pallet construction for a large variety of unusually-sized equipment.

Other companies were scared off by the wide variety and large orders of custom pallets involved; All Size Pallet’s wasn’t. Thanks to our on-site materials processing house, we were able to cut boards to the exact specifications needed for their products. We were able to create custom wood pallets for every product. Additionally, with our two state-of-the-art pallet heat treatment facilities, we easily manufacture extra-wide pallets to handle both bulk loads and loads of unusual dimensions, while ensuring all packaging meets ISPM-15 international shipping requirements.

Automotive Companies Need Custom Wood Pallets to Handle Heavy Weight Effectively

Automotive and industrial equipment is heavy stuff. Really heavy. Yet some pallet manufacturers still don’t provide custom pallet options that are capable of bearing large amounts of weight. This was the case for automotive supply company HP Pelzer, who spoke to several other pallet companies that were unable to provide them with a product that could handle their weight-bearing needs. That is, until they contacted All Size Pallets.

We sat down with them, discussed the weight requirements of the product they needed to have shipped, and applied ourselves to finding a solution. With our years of expertise and experience, we were able to suggest the use of high-density oak hardwood as foundational material for the pallet slats (high-density oak, incidentally, is capable of carrying a larger weight capacity than their requirements demanded). Additionally, we used our on-site materials processing house to cut the boards for their custom wood pallet order such that they were thicker than traditional pre-cut boards, which handily increased the amount of weight each customized pallet was able to handle before, during, and after transit.

Detroit Automotive and Industrial Companies Need Affordable Customized Pallets

Oftentimes automotive and industrial companies need to look for custom shipping solutions, and that begins with pallets, more often than not.  All Size Pallets believes even those custom solutions should be affordable ones. In the cases of both Bluebird Turf and HP Pelzer, All Size Pallets was able to provide each client with project quotes that fit comfortably within budget projections. Our quotes are often lower than what other custom wood & plastic pallet companies can offer –this is because we have invested in the tools and facilities necessary to take care of our customers’ custom packaging orders from start to finish. We don’t use middlemen, and we don’t outsource any of our work. We work smartly, minimizing our production costs. We pass those savings on to you, and that is how we’re able to compete so effectively in the market.

Our materials processing house means we don’t need to rely on the cost of pre-cut boards, even boards of unusual sizes– saving our clients the cost of the aforementioned middlemen while reducing the time needed to create and ship custom pallet orders – wood pallets, plastic pallets, or otherwise. Our proprietary de-dusting technology and on-site heat-treatment pallet kilns means we don’t have to pay another company to make sure our automotive and industrial pallets are spotless and ready for international shipping. Even better, our pallet buy-back program encourages customers who have used wood packaging they no longer need to sell it back to us, so they they can easily recoup a portion of their initial cost outlay.

All Size Pallet’s holistic approach to every stage of the custom wood pallet creation process positions us as the highest quality, lowest-cost solution for Michigan automotive and industrial companies when it comes to custom wood pallets, traditional and standard wood pallets, block pallets, and even Gaylord Boxes. To find out more about how we can help your company, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

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Custom Shipping Crates for Michigan Companies

All Size Pallets customizes more for your business than just pallets. We can also help our southeast Michigan companies who need custom shipping crates and wood packaging created. Especially when your company ships internationally, finding a reliable manufacturer who can build your shipping containers regardless of size or design and meet all requirements for international shipping crates can be hard.

We’ve worked hard to make sure we provide our customers with custom wood packaging solutions that meet every part of the problem head on. Our facility is large enough that we can handle large bulk orders of even unusually-sized or especially large new wood crates. In fact, we can often start your order immediately after we receive your design! Even for wood crates that need to be heat-treated for international shipping, we have two extra-large heat-treatment kilns to treat your international shipping crates quickly and still meet ISPM-15 certification requirements.

Our particular approach to custom orders also allows us to get you your custom crates faster. Where most other companies start construction on custom shipping crates by having to wait for an order of pre-cut boards to arrive, or by playing frankenstein with their already-existing stock, we can start on your job immediately. Our on-site woodcutting facilities let us cut the boards for your custom wood packaging to your exact specifications– no matter the length, width, or thickness needed. Because we don’t have to wait for a delivery, you get your custom shipping crates fast; even on bulk orders!

We also make sure that quick service never means a drop in quality. Each custom order is overseen by quality control managers who make sure that the custom shipping crates we’re supplying meet your design specifications in every way. Our wood heat-treatment kilns not only meet ISPM-15 requirements for international shipping crates and pallets, they also kiln-dry the wood. Drying your crate wood in this manner means that your custom wood crates will warp less, weigh less, and be less susceptible to mildew and mold– making your custom product a better quality shipping crate.

All Size Pallets is happy to serve our Metro Detroit clients in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and auto industries. We know that the quality of what we produce is what you rely on. We also know specific clients, especially those in food and pharmaceutical industries, have special needs and are routinely taking steps to improve our products and supply time. For example, we also make sure that our custom shipping crate orders undergo a de-dusting process to keep the amount of particulate matter down. Less risk of contaminants, both for your products and your workers!

For more information on our custom shipping crate services, custom bulk orders, or any other custom wood packaging services, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Buy Custom Wood Pallets in Metro Detroit

For a lot of businesses, “custom” wood pallets might as well be synonymous with “hard to find,” “low quality,” or “expensive.” After all, most wood shipping pallet companies build their pallets with pre-milled boards, which normally come in set sizes. In order for other companies to build their clients a custom sized wood pallet, they have to cut down larger boards or cobble together the correct dimensions from an already-existing design.

But All Size Pallets isn’t named “All Size” for no reason. Our custom made wood pallets can be of any size and any build. No matter the thickness of the boards, size of the runners, the number of top and bottom boards, or the pallets’ ultimate dimensions, we can create custom new shipping pallets in any size and shape– even for large bulk orders– and we can do so inexpensively.

How can we manage to produce such a large variety of custom wood pallets while keeping our products high-quality and inexpensive? The secret is our commitment to a greener, holistic pallet process. We handle the lifecycle of a custom shipping pallet from the very start to the very finish. That not only means handling mid- to end-of-life processes like pallet reconditioning and eventual mulching; that also means controlling our own supply chain.

wood for new custom size pallets

Where other shipping companies have to work around their pre-purchased supply of pre-cut boards when handling a custom wood pallet order, All Size Pallets does all its own milling on-site at our own facility. We start your custom order by cutting new pallet boards to the correct length, width, and height. From the very first cut, your new shipping pallets are made exactly to your detailed standards. This allows us to really make your custom order perfect; no depending on having pre-bought the correct size supplies!

cutting wood for custom pallet manufacturing

Even better, all our custom wood pallet orders undergo exacting quality control to make sure they meet the high standards of our customers and our company. Not only do we mill our boards on-site, we also employ quality control managers to inspect every pallet in a custom order. We also use de-dusting technology to minimize the amount of particulate matter on our pallets. This makes our custom wood pallets great for pharmaceutical and food shipping– not to mention helps keep your facilities clean!

Need to ship internationally? That’s not a problem for us, either. Our facilities are ISPM-15 certified. With two large state-of-the-art heat-treatment kilns on-site, we can prepare even bulk-orders of custom size pallets. Heat-treatment also avoids the health and environmental risks involved in treating wood pallets with chemicals like methyl bromide. The included kiln-drying also removes moisture from your pallets, reducing the risk of mildew, mold, and warping.

Check out the following videos of All Size Pallets building custom pallets in Michigan:
Owner Mike Kaminski shows off some custom wood pallet examples
Cutting wood to length for a custom pallet order
Notching runners for a custom 4-way pallet
Assembling large custom wood pallets

Want to know more about our custom wood pallet services? Contact us today. We’re happy to handle your order for new wood pallets– even for non-standard pallet sizes or bulk orders.