Where to Sell Used Wood Pallets in Michigan

For auto industry companies, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturing companies in southeast Michigan, getting rid of used wooden shipping pallets can be a thankless and daunting task. When companies end up with broken pallets, scrap pallets, or pallets that are just no longer useable, not only do they need to replace them, they need to get rid of the trash! But there’s a better solution – selling your used wood pallets to All Size Pallets.

While it might be odd to think there’s a company in Metro Detroit that will buy used pallets, something most would see as trash, we like to think we see things differently. There are several advantages to selling used pallets instead of simply throwing them away.

Selling your used and broken pallets is a great way to save your company money. We buy wood pallets from Michigan companies and recondition them, fixing boards, replacing nails, and refinishing and retreating wood. Our buy-back system is a great way to make back some of your company’s shipping pallet budget, effectively reducing the net cost of what your pallets cost. It also helps other local Metro Detroit companies – participating in our buy-back program means that both standard industry pallets and, occasionally, hard-to-find custom size pallets can be reconditioned and sold more cheaply to companies that need them.

Whether you are looking to sell used pallets in small quantities or in bulk, All Size Pallets can help. Participating in our pallet buy-back program means that we come to you; just let us know you have used pallets for pick-up, and we’ll come get them ourselves. In fact, if you are a company that often needs to sell used wood pallets and other recyclables, we can enroll you in our regular recyclable pick-up program!

This program is perfect for Michigan companies who produce a lot of broken pallets, cardboard, and industrial plastic waste. Normally, discarding scrap pallets, loose cardboard, and other recyclables requires you to pay not only for trash pick-up but also for the space to store it all (either by renting a dumpster or providing your own receptacle). With our pick-up program, we can provide you with a trailer for recyclable materials then regularly pick it up ourselves and swap the full container for an empty one— getting rid of your used wood pallets and giving you more space and income.

Best of all, when your company sells used pallets back, you’re helping All Size Pallets achieve its zero-landfill company policy. Even scrap pallets that can’t be reconditioned to like-new status have a purpose. Our sister-company, Nature’s Choice mulch, buys these broken pallets and turns them into healthy mulch to help Michigan gardens grow, line paths, and protect Michigan lake shorelines. When you sell used pallets to All Size Pallets, you are helping protect both your company’s budget and Michigan’s natural beauty.

If your Michigan business needs to get rid of pallets, contact us to sell your used pallets to All Size Pallets. We’d be happy to discuss a buy-back. We buy used wood pallets in a wide range of sizes, from a number of industries, and in any condition.


What to Consider When Buying Used Wood Pallets in Michigan

Used wood pallets can be a great resource for both businesses and crafters. Companies in need of wood shipping pallets, like Detroit auto manufacturing companies or those in pharmaceuticals, can save money on their shipping costs by buying their pallets used instead of new. Fans of DIY and home decorating have also come to realize the high number of craft projects that can be made from reclaimed pallet wood.

But not all used shipping pallets are created equal. When trying to find used wood pallets, either for shipping or for craft use, consider these questions— otherwise you might find your pallets completely unusable.

Is my used wood pallet safe to handle?

Not all makes of pallets are safe for use in DIY or craft projects. Many wood shipping pallets are treated with paint or chemicals that can be harmful if released by sanding, cutting, and other treatment. Shipping pallets are also used for, well, shipping, so reclaimed pallets may have traces of the products they’ve shipped or may have been exposed to the elements in a way that promotes mold. That’s why you should always inspect reclaimed pallets to make sure they are free of loose nails, rotten wood, or suspicious stains.

repaired used wood pallet

Luckily, All Size Pallets already does a lot of the inspection and repair for you as part of our reconditioning program. We can also help you find pallets that have been heat-treated instead of treated with methyl bromide. Methyl bromide is a pesticide that, though once deemed safe enough to meet ISPM-15 certification standards, is now known to make humans sick. By looking for the “HT” symbol in the IPPC stamp on your pallet, we can make sure your pallet has been treated safely.

Are my wood pallets being shipped internationally?

Wood pallets used in international shipping are held to a higher standard of quality to prevent the spread of infestation and disease. If you need wood pallets shipped internationally, you need pallets that are ISPM-15 certified. Luckily, the way to tell if a pallet has met international shipping standards is simple— just look for the IPPC stamp.

All internationally-ready wooden shipping pallets, used pallets or new pallets, will have an IPPC logo. Depending on the pallet’s country of origin, the pallets may also have an EPAL logo, which means the pallet’s wood has been debarked and heat-treated. All Size Pallets offers bulk pallet sales both of used wood pallets and of new pallets that have been heat-treated in our state-of-the-art kiln.

Whether you are looking to find used wood pallets for a DIY project or for shipping use, All Size Pallets can help. We carry reconditioned wood pallets in standard industry sizes, as well as some non-standard sizes! For more information about bulk pallet sales, contact us.

Gaylord Boxes: A Greener Bulk Storage Option for Southeast Michigan Companies

Did you know that packaging makes up about ⅓ of an average landfill? That’s one reason why All Size Pallets recommends that its clients in Southeast Michigan consider using Gaylord boxes for their packaging and storage needs. Gaylord boxes, also known as bulk bins or pallet boxes, are octagonal cardboard storage bins used in many industries such as the auto industry, plastic injection molding, and even the pharmaceutical industry. Their sturdy build, large holding capacity, and easy ability to stack or ship make them perfect for industrial storage.

In fact, they hold more advantages than many companies can realize. Unlike plastic or metal storage boxes, these cardboard octagon bulk bins can be easily repaired and reused thanks to their sturdy corrugated design. Pallet boxes can be triple-wall corrugated or even quadruple-walled to reinforce their structural integrity. Because of this, they can stack easily for storage, even while holding 1,000 pounds of materials! The additional bonus of Gaylord boxes? At the end of their long lifespan, they can be easily recycled, giving your company a greener footprint.

used gaylord boxes for sale

At All Size Pallets, not only do we offer Gaylord boxes for sale, we help our Detroit and southeast Michigan clients repair and recycle them. Our recyclables pickup program buys back used Gaylord boxes, putting money back in your pocket. We also buy back loose and baled cardboard. With these supplies, we go to work reconditioning used pallet boxes to like-new standards. These like-new bulk bins meet all the construction requirements of their brand new counterparts, but can be bought for a fraction of the cost– just another way we’re saving our customers money.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, effective, and environmentally conscious storage method for your company, reconditioned bulk bins are a smart way to go. All Size Pallets is happy to not only provide both new and like-new Gaylord boxes for sale to Michigan companies, but also to offer our clients a way to reduce both their landfill-bound waste and their overall cost by buying back Gaylord boxes as part of our pickup recycling program.

used gaylord box for sale

Interested in learning more about our pickup program and how your company can earn back money on used pallets, plastic, and cardboard? Want to order Gaylord boxes or find out more about our reconditioned pallet boxes? Feel free to contact All Size Pallets. We’d be happy to answer your question and fill your company’s storage and packaging needs.

Detroit Industrial Plastic Recycling Saves Money

Most businesses are familiar with the phrase “time is money,” but have you ever thought about what money your business could be losing when it comes to wasting space? Specifically, the space taken up by plastic scrap. Many Michigan companies end up renting expensive roll-off dumpsters to dispose of their commercial plastic dunnage; dumpsters that cost money to rent, cost money to empty, and end up putting tons of post industrial plastic refuse into landfills unnecessarily. All Size Pallet’s industrial plastic recycling pickup program saves Detroit companies money with a full-service, eco-friendly way to get rid of their plastics.

Our pick-up program starts simply: we set up one 53-foot trailer into which you can throw all your recyclable materials. Discarded post industrial plastics, used wood pallets, loose cardboard– we can take it all. Then we come and replace the old trailer with a new, empty one.

Once the trailer arrives at our factory, we begin plastic scrap processing. The plastic dunnage is sorted by type and stripped of impurities like nails, cardboard, and foam. Often we will see plastic totes, pallets, and dunnage from the Michigan auto industry, pharmaceutical plastics, manufacturing, and plastic injection companies and have processed plastics of all types. This includes HDPE plastics, LDPE plastics, PP plastics, and PS plastics. We also bale and recycle plastic films.

Types of industrial plastic we recycle

The benefits of joining our recycling pickup program are even more far-reaching than your company’s wallet. What starts as simply saving you the time, money, and space associated with traditional plastic disposal leads to creating more room and opportunity for your company to store much-needed materials, or even increase production. Beyond that, you have the reassurance and security of knowing that, by participating in post industrial recycling, your company is reducing its ecological footprint and helping to keep southeast Michigan clean and beautiful.

One ton of industrial plastic recycling saves enough plastic to save up to 16 barrels of oil, or 5,700 kilowatt-hours of electricity. That’s about the equivalent of a $1,000 electricity bill for a Detroit household! We are proud of our zero-landfill policy at All Size Pallets, and happy to help other Michigan companies reach for greener ecological practices.

To learn more about our industrial plastic recycling, contact All Size Pallets. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

How Wood Pallet Recycling Saves Businesses Money

How much of your company’s annual budget goes to buying wood shipping pallets? Do you ever wish you could get some of that money back? When you throw away used pallets, not only are you adding to over-full landfills, you’re also missing an opportunity to make back part of the pallets’ original cost.

All Size Pallets is proud of its zero-landfill stance. We’ve worked with companies all over the Detroit Metro Area and Michigan to develop a Pallet Management Program that helps companies lower the net cost of their wood shipping pallets and keeps those pallets from rotting in landfills. While the environmental impact of our program is evident, each step of recycling pallets also contributes to financial savings for our customers. Let’s show you how!

Step 1: Used Pallet Pick-Up & Buy-Back

When one of our Pallet Management Program customers has old and broken pallets, they don’t need to handle their disposal alone. All Size Pallets can pick them up. Whether clients are in need of regular pallet recycling or only need pick-up services on request, we can take care of used pallet removal, as well as the removal of other recyclables like industrial plastic and both loose and baled cardboard. Best of all, we’ll pick up non-standard size pallets for free and can offer you a rebate on your industry standard sized pallets. At this step, our customers save on disposal fees and make back a portion of their pallet purchase costs.

Step 2: Wood Pallet Repair & Reconditioning

Once the used pallets arrive at our facility, we carefully sort them and select the best quality ones for pallet repair and reconditioning. Our reconditioned pallets are re-nailed, re-built where needed, and restored to their previous level of quality. These like-new pallets are repaired to meet industry standards, including meeting GMA and ISPM-15 guidelines. Reconditioned pallets keep our inventory well-stocked and save on pallet manufacturing costs, meaning we can keep prices low and always have the shipping pallets you need.

Step 3: Mulching Recycled Pallets

Nature's Choice Wood Landscape Mulch

Even the unusable, unfixable, and downright broken pallets have a place in our process! When a pallet is deemed too worn for reconditioning, we sell it to our sister company, Nature’s Choice. Nature’s Choice mulch uses ecologically friendly practices to recycle wood pallets into life-giving mulch. This keeps used wood pallets out of landfills and helps recuperate pallet pick-up and repair costs, letting us continue to provide our products and services inexpensively.

Step 4: Selling Reconditioned Pallets

After they have been reconditioned, the like-new pallets are ready to be used again! A once-worn shipping pallet has been returned to professional quality. Best of all, we are able to offer the pallets that have gone through our wood pallet repair process at a lower cost than new, custom pallets— letting our customers purchase both high-quality industry standard and non-standard sized pallets at a lower expense.

Interested in seeing how participation in the Pallet Management Program can lower your net pallet expenses? Give All Size Pallets a call. We’re happy to work directly with your company to reuse your pallets, recycle materials, and reduce your material cost.

Heavy-duty 48” x 45” Pallets in Michigan Priced to Move

48" x 45" wood pallets on sale

All Size Pallets is currently offering special pricing on orders for heavy-duty 48” x 45” shipping pallets. These pallets can hold a lot of weight! They are perfect for shipping in manufacturing or in the automotive industry. All our 48” x 45” wood pallets for sale have 4-way entry for easy maneuverability.

  • 48″ (length) by 45″ (width)
  • 4-way entry
  • Heavy duty pallet can support ~2000lb
  • 6-9 top boards
  • 4-5 runners/stringers

48” x 45” wood pallets are common for the automotive industry, which we are happy to support as a Michigan-based pallet company. A standard wood shipping pallet of this size can support up to 2000 lb of weight. With our reconditioning process, used automotive shipping pallets are repaired to like-new condition.

We are proud to be a zero-landfill company. By purchasing and reconditioning used pallets, we are able to not only help the environment but also help our customers save money. Our like-new 48” x 45” wood pallets have been reconditioned to meet the industry standards of our customers, including ISPM-15 and GMA requirements.

These reconditioned 48” x 45” wood shipping pallets can have anywhere from 6-9 top boards and 4-5 runners/stringers. If you require a specific build of pallet or have any questions about our reconditioning process, please contact our Michigan pallet sales office.

Special Pricing on 39” x 45” Wood Pallets for Sale

39" x 45" wood pallet for sale

Does your company need to buy sturdy, environmentally conscious wood pallets for local or international shipping? All Size Pallets is currently offering special pricing on our 39” x 45” wood pallets. Perfect pallets for use in the Detroit auto industry and other manufacturing, these feature 7 top boards and 4-way entry for easy maneuverability. These pallets are also completely clean of particulate matter.

  • 39″ (length) by 45″ (wide). (980mm X 1140mm).
  • 4-way entry.
  • 7 top boards.
  • Heat-treated and non-heat-treated available.
  • Like-new & clean of particulate matter

Whether you are shipping within the United States or internationally, All Size Pallets, LLC in Michigan can help. As well as non heat-treated pallets, we also carry 39” x 45” shipping pallets with ISPM-15 heat-treatment certification. These heat-treated pallets are required for international shipping, and help to protect the environment against invasive insects.

All of our like-new 39” x 45” wood shipping pallets have gone through our rigorous reconditioning process. Our wood pallet reconditioning process helps us provide customers with standard industry sizes at a competitive cost. As a zero-landfill company, we take pride in the pallet recycling services we are able to provide, saving both the environment and our customers’ wallets!

For more information about the pallets or our reconditioning process, contact our Imlay City pallet facility.

New Heat Treatment Kiln Set to Triple Pallet Output

IMLAY CITY, Michigan – December 8th, 2016

With the installation of the company’s second heat treatment kiln, All Size Pallets continues to live up to its goals of providing large-scale pallet services with small-business customer focus. The Kiln-Direct wide pallet kiln can treat 800 GMA pallets at a time and allows treated pallets to meet ISPM 15 requirements for both heat treatment and kiln dried certifications.

To attain ISPM 15 certification, pallets must have been treated in a way to thoroughly remove any disease or insects within the wood. “Only pallets with this certification are allowed to be shipped internationally,” explained All Size Pallets owner Mike Kaminski. To meet heat treatment qualifications, pallets must have been heated to 132.8°F internally. Kiln drying also removes excess moisture in order to reduce weight and prevent wood warping.

The kiln doesn’t just help All Size Pallets keep its commitment to high quality. It will also help increase the company’s pallet output, raising the efficiency with which large and emergency orders are filled. “The new heat treat kiln will allow us to triple our output of ISPM certified heat-treated pallets,” said Kaminski.

All Size Pallets looks forward to using these new facilities to continue its history of great service in the New Year.

For more information on our heat-treatment services visit allsizepallets.com

Why You Should Use Heat Treated Pallets for International Shipping

Handling a business with international shipping requires a lot of careful coordination. It takes a well-oiled staff to make sure all shipments are safe, all paperwork filed, and all products and processes up to code. But if you’re not using heat treated pallets, you might be shipping more than your product overseas— invasive pests, diseases, and harmful chemicals could be hitching a ride.

sample ISPM-15 stamp

So how do you tell whether your pallet has been heat treated and meets wood pallet safety regulations? Take a look at the ISPM 15 stamp on your shipping pallets.

Checking Wooden Shipping Pallets for ISPM 15 Certification

ISPM 15 is an international safety measure applying to the preparation of wooden shipping pallets and other wooden shipping materials larger than 6 mm meant to cross country borders. More than 75 countries follow ISPM 15, including the United States. ISPM 15 certified wooden pallets have all been treated in a way certified to prevent the spread of pests & disease, and all certified pallets will bear an ISPM 15 “wheat stamp” somewhere on the pallet.

If your pallets do not have the “wheat stamp” on it, do not use the pallet. Not only could you be in violation of this safety measure, but the wood could have been treated with chemicals harmful to your workers.

Heat Treated Pallets vs. Other Methods

When you find your shipping pallet’s ISPM 15 stamp, you’ll notice there are a number of two-letter codes. The first will be the shorthand code for the pallet’s country of origin– at All Size Pallets, this will always be US! That code will be followed by a string of numbers which represents the company that produced the shipping pallet.

Below those codes will be the various treatment codes. This is where you’ll want to pay attention to make sure that your pallet has been heat treated. The most common codes you’ll find are:

  • DB – Debarked wood. Debarking the wood for your pallets prior to heat-treatment or fumigation keeps the wood from being re-infested by insects after treatment. Debarking is required for all pallets under ISPM 15.
  • MB – Methyl Bromide fumigation. Pallets with this marking have been fumigated in an enclosed space with methyl bromide pesticide and left to soak for 24 hours.
  • HT – Heat treated pallet. Whether the wood has been heat treated in a stationary heating chamber, a portable heat chamber (PCP), or a kiln (KD), the core of the wood has been heated to 133°F to kill off any infestation or disease.

While methyl bromide treated pallets are still in circulation, using heat treated pallets for international shipping is becoming more and more preferred. Methyl bromide fumigation has been designated as a toxic substance by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) due to both its environmental impact and because of painful side-effects when humans are exposed to the gas long-term.

Please be very careful when burning any wooden shipping pallets with a MB stamp, as the treated wood may still have remnants of the gas.

All Size Pallets’ New Heat-Treatment Facility

inside All Size Pallet's wood heat treatment kiln

At All Size Pallets, we hold our customers’ safety, and the safety of their customers, in high regard. That’s why we have recently installed a state-of-the-art heat treatment kiln on our premises. This kiln will allow us to provide custom ISPM 15 certified heat treated pallets for sale, produced with the greatest care and quality. You can rest easy knowing that the heat treated pallets we provide not only meet all international shipping requirements, but are also safe for international handling, the environment, and you.

For more information on our heat treated pallets or ISPM 15 certification process, contact All Size Pallets in Imlay City, Michigan.

Reliable help wanted for immediate positions at family-owned pallet company

All Size Pallets, LLC in Imlay City Michigan, is seeking full and part time manual laborers to work in our growing pallet manufacturing facility.

Candidates should have experience with power tools. Preference will be given to those with experience in a related position. Ability to operate a forklift is a plus. Hours are negotiable – we run full crews Monday – Wednesday 8am – 5pm, and Thursday 8am – 12pm. We offer competitive wages based on experience.

Candidates who earn a position will be trained in and responsible for various aspects of our pallet construction processes including:

  • Building new custom wood pallets from raw materials
  • Identifying and sorting various pallet types and sizes
  • Repairing broken pallets
  • Pallet recycling
  • “Urban logging” – reclaiming wood from unusable pallets for use in pallet construction

Founded close to 15 years ago, our family-owned business has earned a reputation for reliable and friendly service and quality wood pallets. Our employees help us maintain this reputation and we consider them part of our family. We are experiencing rapid growth and have been adding new facilities and capacity to meet increasing demands. All trustworthy people looking for ongoing work with an honest and reliable company should call (810) 721-1999 or inquire here.